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CoachAi is proven to increase attendance and length of stay, maximizing member lifetime value and the profitability of your club
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Setup is fast and easy and works with any club management software. No API’s or costly integrations

100% automated

CoachAi does not require staff training and automates member journeys, freeing up time and energy

No app download

Members chat with CoachAi via smartphone messaging, just like they do with friends

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This is CoachAi
CoachAi is a virtual companion that interacts with members via smartphone and helps them make exercise into a regular part of their weekly routine. Using proven behavioral science, CoachAi accompanies members throughout their journey, offering the support they need to become regulars at your club.


Helps members set a schedule and stick to it for the long term


Offers interesting and relevant information along their journey


Motivates members with rewards and progress tracking


Automatically reengages absent and “at-risk” members

See the results
After checking the data, I was amazed by the impact! Members using CoachAi visit 40% more across the first 8 weeks of membership! On top of that, it's improved our retention and NPS score, and freed up time that our staff members used to spend managing member journeys.
Gavin Davies - Head of Marketing and New Business - Hertfordshire Sports Village, Hertfordshire UK
Gavin Davies
Head of Marketing and New Business
Hertfordshire Sports Village, Hertfordshire UK
Hear the members
“The Coach really helps me plan out my week, and once I commit to a workout, I don’t want to disappoint him. It’s helped me create an amazing routine.”
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Roy, 26
Member for 3 months
“When I missed my workouts for 10 days, the Coach sent me a message that he missed me, and it motivated me to go to the gym again.”
Mor - profile picture
Mor, 42
Member for 11 months
“This isn’t the first time I’ve joined a gym, but it’s the first time I managed to stick with it. CoachAi helped me keep my workouts in mind.”
Emma - profile picture
Emma, 32
Member for 7 months
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The CoachAi team is comprised of behavioral science experts and artificial intelligence engineers with a passion for helping people change their habits and live healthier lives.
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